Marilla String Quartet & Trio

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Prices for the Quartet and Trio

Should you need to cancel your booking with us because of COVID-19 we will refund your deposit.

Time Quartet Trio
Up to 1 hour (Continuous playing only) £340£270
Up to 1½ hours £380£300
Up to 2 hours £420£330
Up to 2½ hours £460£360
Up to 3 hours £500£390
Up to 3½ hours £540£420
Up to 4 hours £580£450
Up to 4½ hours £620£480
Up to 5 hours £660£510

Minimum playing time
Our usual minimum playing time is 1½ hours. However, we can accept a booking for 1 hour where the playing is continuous. The minimum time for a wedding ceremony booking is 1½ hours.

Fixed chargeable time
The chargeable time is from the agreed start time to the agreed end time, including appropriate breaks. If your event starts later than the agreed start time, we still charge you from the agreed start time.

Flexible chargeable time
If you are not sure of the exact end time when you book us, we are happy to play on for extra time, charging you as above.

We ask for a non-returnable deposit of £100 to confirm your booking. We will send you two copies of our booking form and we ask you to sign and return one copy with your deposit.

Paying the balance
For a fixed booking this is payable either before or on the day of the event. For a flexible booking it is payable after the day of the event, on receipt of an invoice.

Travel and set up
We do not charge for travel costs within approximately 60 miles of Oxford, or for the half hour set up time which we always allow.

Individual quotes
An individual quote will be given if the booking is outside our normal travel area, or if we are required to play for two sessions with a lengthy gap in the middle.

Special requests
An additional charge of £30 is made if you have a special request for a piece of music which is not on our repertoire list.

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