How To Book

The Contract
One member of the quartet or trio is your contact throughout, from the initial enquiry to the completion of your event. She responds to your enquiry and assists in providing any additional information that might be required.  Our aim is to work closely with you to ensure every detail is covered to your satisfaction. We provide a professional and helpful service, and are always available for discussion and advice.

If you decide to book us, we will send you two copies of our booking form and we ask you to sign and return one copy with your deposit. We can take provisional bookings, but ask that you confirm within two weeks. We are able to take bookings over a year in advance but are also very happy to provide music for you at short notice.

Photo: Studio Edmark

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On The Day
We always arrive at least half an hour before the agreed start time to make sure that all arrangements are in place. We do not charge for this half hour.

Our requirements at any event are:

  • about four metres by four metres (three metres for the trio) of well lit space
  • four chairs without arms (three for the trio)
  • shade - if playing outside
  • some soft drinks

If you need us to move it will take us approximately ten to fifteen minutes to relocate and set up again. It is helpful to minimize the number of moves you ask us to make during the course of your event, as this will mean you will hear more music. Please discuss with us in advance the best location for the Quartet or Trio during your event.

Audio and Video Recording
Please note that our permission is required for any official audio or video recording. We should be grateful if you could instruct your photographer and videographer accordingly. However, we do not object to a few snippets of music being included in your audio or video recordings of the day.

Playing Outside
The quartet or trio is happy to play outside if required, but it is vital that shade is provided to protect the instruments. A large tree, several free-standing patio umbrellas, or a gazebo are all possible options.
Please ensure that chairs and shade are set up in advance of our arrival, as this saves time and will maximize the amount of music you will hear. We cannot play outside if the weather is showery or cold, as that would damage the instruments; in this case an indoor location will be necessary.

Neither the quartet nor trio uses electronic amplification equipment.

If any member of the quartet or trio is unavailable for the day of your event, we employ a colleague to deputize. To ensure that our high standards are maintained, we only invite musicians whose ability and professionalism is known to us personally.

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